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Car Art by Nick Simonetti
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About Nick

Born in Alabama and raised in Akron, Ohio, Nick has had a passion for art and automobiles his entire life. Growing up, he was constantly building classic car models or creating pencil sketches in his notebooks. He'd spend hours pouring through car magazines or trying to design his own custom bodies. Once Nick got older and then could actually drive, well his love for Art and Autos was all but cemented. Ten years ago, while attending Ohio University, he put his two passions together and started the foundation of what would become this outstanding art series.

Nick Focuses on the beauty that's found in a car when only viewed by someone who truly loves and understands them. He looks at cars from all angles, showing their exquisite lines close up so one can truly appreciate their form.

Whether it was as a little kid at an auto show with their massive forms towering over him or as a teenager with his head bowed over a model engine, this striking point of view is how Nick grew up seeing cars. It doesn't matter if you're a gear head or not, Nick hopes all people will enjoy his unique vision.